Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Fever

I think I've caught it..while waiting for child no. 1 to come home last night I turned on the Olympics. I watched what had to be two history-making races in Women's and Men's Swimming. First I saw Christine Magnuson come from behind and almost steal the Gold--she was fabulous. And, add to that, Christine is from the suburban Chicago town I currently reside in--how about that! Nobody had even heard of this future superstar pretty much until the trials... Then I catch the 4x100 men's relay and see them upset France after France had been trash-talking the Americans! Way to rock it guys..was an awesome sight. The other person I'm watching is Dara Torres.."WOW" is all I can say about her. (That photo is from an article in Women's Health, taken by Jim Wright.) Here is a quote from her from an interview during the games:

"There are a lot of middle-aged men and women who I know that tell me that I'm an inspiration to them and they're now doing things they thought they couldn't do," she said. "I'm hoping that my age paves the way for other athletes who maybe think they're too old to do something."

How about it?! Watching the younger athletes you almost expect great things, but to watch someone like Dara, who looks phenomenal, just kinda makes you realize that yes, you can do this if you really want to. It's not always easy, but if you really want to do it, you can. Getting back in shape is a very 'doable' thing. You just have to start out in the right mind-set. Don't walk into any club, meet with any trainer or even buy a workout DVD until you are ready to work for it! This is a huge mind game and if you don't go into it wanting to win the game, chances are it'll get the better of you.

So, make sure to stop back..I'll share with you some of my favorite exercises and the equipment that I love using. That's the stuff that keeps it fun and interesting. That's what keeps you coming back for more and not stopping until you reach your goal! Lata...