Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time is Sliding Away..

Been a busy coupla days. Have been trying to master this blog thing and still get my clients' programming done and give them great workouts. Also still managed to get my own workouts done as well. I've been doing a lot of circuit workouts for my own stuff, and started the clients on it too. They are really digging it. Makes them feel like they're working harder and they are getting in/out faster too. Actually, it's making all of us happier..LOL! A while back I bought Red Carpet Ready (celebrity trainer Valerie Waters' creation), and for the longest time it sat unread...Well I finally checked it out and incorporated some of those exercises into my workout and they were a great mix..and I felt them! I started the peeps on them too and they love them! They were so surprised--they looked at them and were like, so this isn't any harder than anything you've had me/us doing, what's this going to do for me..well here's a quote from one of them two days after her first time with just one of these new moves: "JC Linda, I couldn't walk or sit on the toilet without being in pain--what did you do to me!?" I laughed and told her it was that 'simple little exercise' she was laughing at. Check'em out and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Great job Linda.

workout mommy said...

ahhh, I love it when the simplest of exercises seem to get the biggest reaction! Val's red carpet ready program is awesome!