Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recap of Valerie Waters' Red Carpet Ready Club Launch

Last night I took part in a live chat given by trainer Valerie Waters. Val launched her new Red Carpet Ready expanded (i.e. a whole lot of new stuff--more exercises, recipes, video, etc..) version of her Red Carpet Ready exercise/diet program. I spoke of Red Carpet Ready ("RCR") in a previous post, but just to reiterate, RCR is the workout program that she uses with her celebrity clients. She's now updated the program and made it usable for everyone else out there who doesn't have the celebrity income, but still wants to look good enough to hit the 'Red Carpet'. Val spoke at length and answered questions which people posted live, and she also had her guests answering questions as well. Her guests were some of her celebrity clients and they were quite enjoyable to watch. Gals, while these women do lead far different lives than most of us, they were no different when it came to their body image. They struggle and have to work at it just like you and I do. It was enlightening to see them in an ordinary situation for the time they were there. Val's other guests were 'experts' in various fields of fitness/health. I totally enjoyed listening to their particular expertise and all the tips they offered up. As someone trying to expand her knowledge in this industry, I sucked up as much as I could while they were speaking. Great, great info.

If you've been struggling with your own program and are looking for something to try, I would consider this. It's a body-friendly, easy-to-follow program that gives great results if followed correctly. I have incorporated a lot of RCR into my own program and also use the Valslides on myself and my clients as well. Those little buggers give a lot of bang for their buck. Check it out here Red Carpet Ready, it could be the fix you are looking for.


Mark Salinas said...

Very cool...looks like a good program! Thanks for sharing! :)

Valerie said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the recap and the support during the chat. I think it is important to recognize that most women struggle with body issues and we are all striving to be better (in every way). Rachel Nichols made a good point after the chat, which was, people who are too skinny have body issues, people who are over weight have body issues, people who want to be firmer have issues and that makes it all the same. Just because you might perceive someone as having a good body that doesn't mean they feel that way and aren't struggling. The thing about working out is, it empowers you in so many ways!!

LindaM said...

Val, I totally agree with that..I always tell my clients, "just remember, no matter what else happens today, you did one good thing for just you, yourself" and that's working out. When life starts taking things beyond our control, we have that one thing we do to help keep us strong both healthwise and mentalwise.

Again, loved the chat--learned a lot! Thanks for stopping in..

MizFit said...


to all of it.

precisely how I chose my tagline that at the core we're all the same.

we all struggle with something.

Thanks Linda as well.