Friday, September 5, 2008

The Bulldog Review..

Finally -- The

Well, the review is in! Got the bolt issue worked out, and gave the new Bulldog Kettlebell a try. Just to reiterate from my prior post, the Bulldog Kettlebell is an adjustable weight Kettlebell. For those of you that have purchased Kettlebells in the past, you know they are not inexpensive, and I looked at this product as being very efficient in that respect. Well here are my thoughts on it: I love how it feels. The kettle is made of steel, not iron like most are. I was skeptical at first, but I really like it--it has a nice clearcoat finish and I have to say, it looks cool! The grip is perfect (not crazy about the skinny-handled kettlebells--this is a 'fatter' handle). Also, the fact that it's steel and not iron makes it smooth. I did not need any chalk for this kettle. It moved well in my hand throughout the whole range of motion. It's 8 lbs when empty and I had a 10-lb bag of steel shot to fill it with. Herein lies the only possible issue I have with this. The company doesn't give you anything to transfer the shot into the kettle with and that was a little tricky--my funnel kept clogging up but I got it. Oh, I had never seen steel shot before and I will tell you that it travels fast and far when spilled! Also, I think changing the weight will be tricky--I mean, if I add more shot, or take some out, how exactly do I know where I'm at weight-wise. I mean, the weight I use to clean and press is much different than the weight I use for swings; and yes I realize I could keep a scale handy, but especially if I'm training someone, I typically don't have time to waste on that issue. I'm going to contact the Company today and ask them if they have some tips about that. Maybe I'm missing something really easy here, but we'll see what they have to say.

My bottom line so far is that I'm keeping it and will use it. Once I figure out the weight issue, this is definitely a more cost-efficient purchase than buying individual kettlebells are. Add to that that I really like the size and feel of it, so I think it's a thumbs up in my book. If you're interested in checking it out, Art of Strength is who I purchased it through.

And remember, this is just my two cents..everyone has their own lifting preferences and likes and dislikes. This was a product that intrigued me and I just had to check it out. I'm happy I did! If there's anyone else out there who has tried this, I'm curious to hear what you think as well.


workout mommy said...

I had no idea these even existed! I will have to check it out because I am at the point where I do need a heavier kettlebell and this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the review!

FitMom said...

Sounds like a really cool item. Have yet to use a K-bell at all. After all this running, I will up/open for a complete weight training routine. This is something I'd really like to try.

LindaM said...

workout mommy--thx for your comment, appreciate you taking time to stop in!

fitmom--definitely think about giving kettlebells a try..they don't have to entail your whole workout, but they are versatile enough to be incorporated into almost anything you would want to be doing. And, they give your heart a great workout at the same time. Double duty--always a good thing in my book!

Mark Salinas said...

Very good review! Thanks you! :)

LindaM said...

always love it when you stop in Mark .. thank you!

kat_b said...

Linda, you say you like the thicker handle. I have small hands (yes, I wear kids gloves), and I'm worried it may be too easy for me to lose control as I want mine for going over 35#. Have you had any comments from your more petite clients on the grip size?

LindaM said...

kat b .. I am only 5' and have small hands--the handle fills my hand perfectly. I have used kb's with narrower grip handles and don't like them--I find my nails tend to bite into my hand too much. The girls I train are all shapes and sizes and I've never had a single one say they felt like they were going to lose their grip due to handle size (they may have wanted to send it flying due to weight tho.. LOL!). So, not sure if this truly helps, but no issues or complaints as of this time.