Thursday, October 30, 2008

If It Isn't Broke Why Are You Trying To Fix It?!

I learned that lesson the hard way this week. I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to my body and my workouts. I've been lifting some good weights for the past few years and got my body to the place where it really liked being, and I was keeping it there just fine. Well the past months have been kinda crazy in more ways than one for me and I started really trying to push the weights up. I think I was using them as a stress-reliever. I was actually doing just fine with that, but suddenly got to the point where I'd worked some parts too much and they were a tad more developed than what I'd wanted. I like looking healthy and fit, but I also like looking feminine and girly at the same time. That's when I discovered Valerie Waters and her Valslides. They sat unopened for the longest time, but when I finally started using them--they worked their magic. I followed her plan and 'voila'... I was able to bring down the parts that needed it. I then started incorporating a lot of her moves into my lifting program and found a perfect complement with the two programs. I was able to manipulate both to work for my body--oh things were wonderful. My food and exercise were on track and Linda was a happy girl.

Fast forward to the past month. Don't know why I did it, didn't need to do it, just decided to try it--I got a whole new program and started doing work I know better than to do (but did it anyway). I've been orchestrating my own workouts for quite a while now and I'm just a bit tired of it. I wanted someone else to train the trainer for a while. I wanted someone else to run the show so I could just go in and do the work. Well, I should have just left well enough alone. If you have certain body parts that can't tolerate certain moves, you stay away from them. Well, most people do--and I have been up until this last week when I received the new program. I thought, well let me give this a shot--it's new--my body will love something new, right?! Ha-Ha...NOT! I did in one week what I managed to avoid doing over the last three years. I hurt myself. I have an ankle that is held together by plates and screws on both sides, with a couple pins thrown in just for fun (and to hold my heel bone on too). I also have lame elbows so just can't do certain isolation work. Now mind you, I've been running on that ankle since I broke it and have had no residual problems..well after jumping rope twice this week on's killing me and almost dropped me to the floor when it gave way today. The elbows were put through the paces with triceps work and endless curls that they aren't used to doing either--the pain I had today almost brought tears to my eyes! It's so true that compound moves are all you really need--I've done minimal isolation work in the past and still managed to get some nicely defined muscle without putting myself at risk.

What I was doing was working...I should have researched more and thrown in a few new things to entertain myself for a while. Everything was running smoothly and the body was feeling good.

I taught myself a good lesson..don't mess with what works. Don't let a temporary lapse bring you down--take a step back until you can clearly see the situation. Is this a life and death health issue that I'm rambling on and on about--no it's not (and I realize that). But this is the only body I have and I wanna keep it running nice and smooth for as long as I can. If I don't take care of it, nobody else will. Hopefully I didn't do anything that a little rest and ice won't cure.

Lesson learned--not soon to be forgotten!


Rachel/Fit Mom said...

Hi Linda,
Sounds like you've got it down! I too would want a trainer to work me out too.

Hey- question- if you could buy just one k-bell, what would you buy and why?

Danielly said...

Hi Linda,
I'm sorry to hear that... I hope you feel better soon!! P.S. Thanks for the warning (I tend to like to try crazy new exercises all the time).

On another note, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :)

Kelly O said...

Totally good point and I soooo love RCR- I'm probably going to start doing that 1x a week now too....but my band broke, so I need to write Val and ask if I get a new one! ;-(

Rock on!!

LindaM said...

Rachel..kind of a loaded question re the KB--all depends on where you are with your workouts.. If I were just starting out I'd buy the Art of Strength Diva or Bulldog. Those are both adjustable weight KBs with the Diva starting at 6 lbs and the Bulldog at 8..can't go wrong with either of those.

LindaM said...

Hey D! Yah, you need to keep a grip on your experimenting sometimes..After you work out for a while, you pretty much know what you should and shouldn't do and in most cases it's just not worth the risk of injury to your body.

m said...

Live and learn is right! great lesson...stay strong!