Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Hereby Resolve Not To ...

Okay, it's almost New Year's..have you made the dreaded 'Resolution(s)' yet?? Well I haven't and I'm not going to. How many of you make these every year and thus end up condoning yourself for months over your failure to follow through?

I'm going to continue to just strive to make things better for myself and my family--the very same things I've been working on regularly of late. My body and health I got a handle on a number of years ago--I worked hard and continue to do so daily to maintain what I've achieved. My family is a daily work-in-progress. Like most, we have ups and downs (and with two teens there are many ;-) ), but I continue to take that one day at a time and hope to make the best decisions for all of us. I will continue to work daily on my job and financial future because, of course, I want more (and who doesn't, right?!). I work my butt off constantly to achieve this, but that's just not something I can 'resolve' to make happen instantaneously.

Therein lies my point I guess. How can the turning of a new year 'make' things happen for you. If you want certain things for yourself, why haven't you been trying all along to find a way to achieve them? Why does the strike of a clock and a champagne toast commit or condemn you to things you should have been working towards this whole time?

With this coming of 2009 right around the corner, why not decide to just like yourself a little better..that right there can set the wheels in motion to a brighter future for you and those you care for. It will give you a more positive, clearer outlook on things, things that once seemed so far out of reach. Start living in the now, instead of resolving for the later.

Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the Season...Survival of the Fittest

Hey, it’s been a while, but I’m back. Things have been crazy busy and I’ve been working really hard on some cool (well at least cool for me) things. Recently, we moved our personal training business to a new location. That took up a good amount of time packing and such, and then getting ourselves and our clients reacclimated to everything. So far, so good..have been training a lot and we’re putting together a new boot camp to get everyone through the holidays and beyond. Hey if your in the Chicagoland area, drop me a line--bootcamp is gonna kick some major butt!

Then, in the midst of all of this happening, I got involved with Valerie Waters and her Red Carpet Ready Program. Val started up a new club for her Red Carpet Ready exercise plan and I started moderating her forum. I help the clubbers with any questions, comments, issues, whatever, that they may have while doing the RCR plan. It’s been a great experience and I’ve come to look at these girls just like they are my own friends. It's been such a fulfilling thing watching the progress of all of them and knowing that at some point during their journey, I may have said or done something that helped even just a little with their success. At one stage during all of this Val came to Chicago for another project, and she decided to start filming here for what is now her Red Carpet Ready TV. I had the pleasure of finally ‘meeting’ Val (haha, all our contact prior to that had been via phone, twitter, email—you know, the American way!), and the two stars of her show Cody and Mary Bess (shown left and right of me respectively). They each flew in the from Colorado and Texas just for this purpose. That weekend was blast..we had a lot of laughs, but also got some good work done. Watching Val in action was great--when it's time to work, she's all business, but in such a way that you still have a great time while you're getting your tail worked off--literally! These two girls have been working diligently and putting it all out there for the rest of us to see—high points and low ebbs as well. They tape their adventures each week and every Tuesday night, it airs for our viewing pleasure. There’s also a live chat and everyone can talk with Val and the girls. They show us how they work out and where (and yes, they work out in their homes, in the gym, the great outdoors—everywhere), as well as what they eat, etc. We also get glimpses of what they have to overcome daily and how they make this program work for them. The girls are doing great and they’ve done themselves and the program proud. They’ve both lost weight and inches, but more importantly they feel great about themselves! They now know how a little dedication to a great program and some simple changes in diet can make all the difference. They have both now learned how to lead healthy lifestyles without starvation and hours and hours of exercise. I love these girls--I'm just so happy to see their success each week. Helping them (and ALL the RCR girls) along the way with all of this has made me feel very proud to be a part of it all, and I thank Val for trusting me to help all these great people out when she can't be there.

So why have I gone on about what I've been up to all this time..well we are now approaching what is, for a lot of people, the diet and exercise downfall of the year. The Holidays! We all have things to figure out to survive this. Parties all over the place all the time, insane schedules for every person in the family, and, in the craziness of all of this, still trying to find the necessary time for ‘you’ and your own routine. As busy as I've been in the past few months I've still not missed a single workout. I know if I start, the next one is easier to miss and so on..the excuses just get better and better. If you don’t manage to stay somewhat in a groove, you can undo months' worth of hard work in these few short weeks. Don’t let that happen. Don’t put off what you can do right now..if you keep saying you are going to start exercising after the New Year, don’t kid yourself. After the first of the year, you'll find some reason to wait a bit longer. Start now before you do any real damage. It may be a cliché, but there really is no time like the present. You may find that this is the perfect time to jump start your body—every little bit you do now will make it that much easier for you later.

And in the grand scheme of things, aren’t you worth it?