Friday, December 25, 2009

Inspiration ...Do You Have It, Do You Need It???

Well, I survived the two day feeding frenzy of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am Italian..100% at that. Holidays, birthdays and pretty much 'every day' revolve around food in these households. Did I eat and drink a bit too much--I suppose so. Was I prepared to do that--absolutely. There's no escaping days like this, so the best you can do is just be prepared and work with it. To this day I still get grief over what I choose to eat and not eat. To be honest, I really don't care what people think of my choices anymore. I know what I'm doing is helping to keep me a fit, healthy, strong and happier person. I don't find it always easy, but I find ways to push through. Who and what you choose to surround yourself with can play a major factor in the success or failure of your plan. This is where my 'inspiration' comes into play.

I'm still pretty new to the whole world of Social Media, but I'm gradually getting it. I've spent time in the world of Valerie Waters, and I've gotten stronger myself by working with these awesome girls. Watching them overcome their struggles and proclaiming their successes has meant the world. I've also developed some incredible relationships through the world of Twitter and Face Book. The people I follow (and who follow me), and the people I've befriended on Face Book have taught me, encouraged me and kept me going through some struggles of my own. A simple word or comment can change the whole way you think about yourself. The exchange of ideas with what others are doing and teaching also do the same. There is a world of knowledge out there and I'm gaining more of it daily. I'm also getting the extra push I need to go further myself, and work on my own plan. I have things I want to do, but not sure about the courage to follow through. Strength comes from places you'd least expect sometimes. I've found some in abundance and I thank all of you special, wonderful people I've been talking with. Your behind the scenes words, encouragement, and advice (oh, off-color conversations included ) have done so much for me.

I am looking forward to great change starting in 2010...I do so with a lot of trepidation, but also with inspiration from all of you. If you have a plan of your own, and not necessarily the wherewithal to make it happen, put yourself out there. Ask and be asked..let others give you their two cents now and then. You may be surprised at exactly what you can take from all of that.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Tis the Season of Change...

Hey everyone! It has certainly been a while (pretty much a year!)… While I’ve been absent, I have not forgotten about what I attempted to start here. In looking over old posts, I find it very ironic that on this same day last year, I wrote a post entitled 'Tis the Season ...' -- something I did not even realize until I finished drafting this post. Strange how the mind works. Well, it’s been a long year of ups and downs for me and mine, and some of the price paid was the price of time. Of course, there is never enough for any of us, but we make do with what we have. The past year has had its share of every type of malady around: health issues, family issues, and the economics of the world we live in these days, just to name a few. They all took their toll, but I vowed to myself that I would make every effort to get back at this before year’s-end. Well, I made it, not by much, but I did. So what have I learned over the past year? I learned that while I didn’t always feel good mentally or physically, I am a strong person. I won’t say I overcame certain challenges that came my way, but I dealt with them and moved forward. With some of that strength, I most importantly tried to maintain harmony and sanity within my family, I put in extra time and effort developing my gym business, I also continue to also work my office job, and lastly, I always remembered to take care of me. I still hold very true to my belief that you must at some point take time for yourself to care for yourself. That is what helps keep you not only physically strong, but sometimes more importantly, mentally strong. I will reiterate old posts by saying that the kids will always need something, there will always be a schedule to follow or deadline to maintain, there will always be cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc… to be taken care of. The thing that won’t always be there though is your health. Why is it that so many continue to put it on the back burner and think it will take care of itself like magic? Believe me, if there was a magic pill, I'd be first in line for it, and would pay almost anything for it! That, right there, is what I want to focus on as we end yet another very fast-moving year.

It physically pains me to sometimes see the way people struggle to go up some stairs, chase or play with their child, or merely walk from one end of the room to the other without getting winded. What does this tell you? Are you at your optimum health, is your heart working at the rate it ‘should’ be, are you heading into your future with a clean bill and long road ahead? Probably not. Why do you keep putting this off? You can give yourself every excuse in the book, but in the end that’s all you are doing, making more excuses to yourself. Over the course of this year, the one thing I never stopped doing was working out. There were days it was all I could do to get out of bed, but I did it—and I felt amazing afterward. I have said since I started this, ‘think of exercise as the one good thing you will do for yourself that day’ … and that’s what I did. No matter what happened after that, I knew that while I couldn’t control the things taking place around me, I could only control me—and I did.

My wish for you for this upcoming new year is that you find the courage to take that first step and that you start taking care of you. Take care of yourself before it’s too late. Here’s something to get you started. Since the Fall of last year, I’ve been helping out LA-based trainer Valerie Waters on her fitness forum by giving input when her girls needed advice on their diet and exercise. I’ve been following these girls since Val’s inception of her famous Red Carpet Ready Program. I’ve also been lucky enough to meet many of girls personally and be there with them through their personal triumphs over getting control of their own health and well being. Seeing the results in person is believing…this program is believable. I've watched total transformations taking place. This is a program that pretty much anyone at any level can partake in. It’s great for just about anyone with any type of body issues. Check it out—this could be the jumpstart you’ve been looking for. Click to be Fit!

Are you ready to roll?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend...

And they look even more smokin on a shapely, well defined, healthy body!

Well I'm a day late, but it's still not too late for you! Valerie Waters, whose work I've praised in separate posts, has put together another great program for anyone wanting to get that Red Carpet Ready Body. If you've been following along with her Red Carpet Ready TV, you know that her stars, Cody and Mary Bess, both had outstanding results. And, psst, you still have a chance to see them in all their glory as the finale is set to run this coming January 7. Well following the success of Red Carpet Ready TV (and now the demand for more), Val is again offering everyone a chance to work with her. She has a new program called the "Diamond Club" program. Diamond is offering the same structure of Val's Red Carpet Ready program, but Diamond is offering many additional things as well..this will have more one-on-one with Val herself and also has different programs which will allow you to choose the option of the 'look' you are trying to achieve. Click this link below and get a little tease of what's to come with the Diamond program:

Valerie Intro and Tips

If you've been looking for a plan that does work and still allow you to lead a normal every day life, this may be just what you're looking for. Happy 2009 all..let's make it a strong, healthy, and happy one!

P.S. -- This just in, today, 1/4/09 -- Here's another tidbit that just came along for you to check out:

6 Week Personal Transformation Diary