Saturday, January 3, 2009

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend...

And they look even more smokin on a shapely, well defined, healthy body!

Well I'm a day late, but it's still not too late for you! Valerie Waters, whose work I've praised in separate posts, has put together another great program for anyone wanting to get that Red Carpet Ready Body. If you've been following along with her Red Carpet Ready TV, you know that her stars, Cody and Mary Bess, both had outstanding results. And, psst, you still have a chance to see them in all their glory as the finale is set to run this coming January 7. Well following the success of Red Carpet Ready TV (and now the demand for more), Val is again offering everyone a chance to work with her. She has a new program called the "Diamond Club" program. Diamond is offering the same structure of Val's Red Carpet Ready program, but Diamond is offering many additional things as well..this will have more one-on-one with Val herself and also has different programs which will allow you to choose the option of the 'look' you are trying to achieve. Click this link below and get a little tease of what's to come with the Diamond program:

Valerie Intro and Tips

If you've been looking for a plan that does work and still allow you to lead a normal every day life, this may be just what you're looking for. Happy 2009 all..let's make it a strong, healthy, and happy one!

P.S. -- This just in, today, 1/4/09 -- Here's another tidbit that just came along for you to check out:

6 Week Personal Transformation Diary