Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Form and Function Over Pride and Ego

On any given day in the gym, if you were to walk in and see me working out, you might wonder what the heck I’m doing. You see, I do a lot of my work with my eyes closed. I do that because I find it helps me to focus and make sure I am working the muscle I am supposed to be working, and not relying on other muscle groups to 'help' me. I guess I like to envision the muscle going through the motion. Just because you hold a weight in your hand doesn’t mean your hands should be doing the work (which is something I see daily in the gym). Think about it...are you doing a pushing exercise that utilizes your chest muscles, or maybe you are doing a pull exercise that should be working your back/lat muscles. If you are white-knuckling your weights (or band or cable) to death, chances are you are using your hands and arms moreso than utilizing the proper muscle. Same could be said when doing core/ab work. Don’t focus on putting all your weight into your hands/feet, focus on contracting your abs and making them do the work they are supposed to be doing. These are just a few things. Every exercise is made for a specific muscle(s)—use the correct muscle.

If you work out on your own, make sure you are using proper form in order to work the proper muscle. Also, you aren’t running a race when you are lifting weights. Blasting through a workout to get it done could add up to a lot of useless work if you aren't activating the right parts. Control that and breathe properly, that is part of the work.

You don’t want to waste your time and effort in the gym…make the most of every work out..work the right muscle at the right pace. The results will speak for themself.